5 Days ’til Christmas: Day 5 | Lifelong Commitment

5 Days ’til Christmas: Day 5 | Lifelong Commitment

Has this series been a help and encouragement to you? We hope so! We’ve really enjoyed hearing from some of our married children! The topics they’ve shared on include:

And the final installment is actually from us (Jim and Carrie of The Intimate Couple)! Here we share with you one of the most critical marriage lessons we learned from our own parents — and in addition to that, something else that’s spurred on why we do The Intimate Couple!

Jim and Carrie's marriage advice!

For both Carrie and I, both sets of parents demonstrated love and commitment in their marriages that lasted all life-long. The builder generation, which formed and shaped the attitudes and values of people our parents’ age, was known for commitment.  Couples planned on staying together for life and were usually prepared to work on their relationships.

However, many of our parents’ generation found it very difficult to broach subjects that were taboo in general society—specifically, sex and sexual desire were not often freely discussed in marriage. If our parents were examples, if sex was talked about between husband and wife, it certainly wasn’t talked about with the children!

We are living in different times.

If husbands and wives are not willing to address sexuality openly and honestly in their marriage and with their children as they mature, disaster will result! We live in a society that has twisted God’s great gift of sex and marketed the counterfeit in ways that set this generation up for catastrophe.

Teaching and modeling biblical marriages and sexuality is more important than ever before!