5 Days ’til Christmas: Day 4 | Keep Flirting!

5 Days ’til Christmas: Day 4 | Keep Flirting!

From the Children of the Intimate Couple: the Christmas Marriage Advice Series

The fourth day of our Christmas marriage advice series, and the day before Christmas (!!!), is brought to you by our son Jeremy and his wife Janelle. Below Jeremy shares some candid and hilarious thoughts!

Day 4: Keep Flirting!

Jeremy and Janelle's Marriage Advice

Jeremy writes:

Marriage has been around for a long time and there is no better way to have a good marriage than to glean and follow the examples of those who excel in their own marriages. My mom and Dad have a superb marriage. I’ve been blessed to see them live out a marriage that thrives both inside the home and out.There are two things that immediately come to mind when I consider what I’ve been able to model in my own marriage with my wife Janelle, and what I hope to grow in as well.

The first is an utmost respect and honour for each other in public places, around friends, and in crowds. My Dad will always speak incredibly highly of my Mom, never slightly undermining or brushing aside. In the home as well they are a team. In parental decisions and communicating with each other it was always clear to us as children that Mom and Dad were on the same page, they supported each other and held each other up.

The second example of a marriage pro tip I’ve kept in mind and will continue to when Janelle and I are super old is this: keep on flirting.

Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, so make an effort the keep the fun in marriage. I love teasing my wife and flirting with her, getting her flustered and letting her know she is a friggin’ smokeshow. My Mom and Dad still flirt, they still have fun and still laugh. There is no stale drudgery, there is no monotony. Marriage can be awesome. That is what I’ve learned from my parents.

From our ‘expert’ point of view, we so agree about the flirting! Thanks for sharing, you guys!