5 Days ’til Christmas: Day 1 | A Lesson on Kindness

5 Days ’til Christmas: Day 1 | A Lesson on Kindness

This year we wanted to do something special for you this holiday season, so let us present our special 2015 Christmas series…

From the Children of the Intimate Couple: the Christmas Marriage Advice Series

We asked some of our married children to chime in and share with us some marriage advice. One of the questions we asked them was:

“What is one of the most important things you’ve learned about marriage as you watched your parents relate?”

We cherish our family — and time with them — so from our family to yours, we hope these next fives days of marriage advice will be an encouragement and blessing to you and your marriage this Christmas!

Day 1: A Lesson on Kindness from Trevor and Beth

To start things off, here are some thoughts on the importance of kindness from our son Trevor and his lovely wife Beth.

Trevor and Beth's Marriage AdviceWe have appreciated many things about our parents’ marriage, but one key theme is kindness.

They speak to each other with kindness. They chose to be kind when it would be easier not to be. They don’t rush each other out the door with harsh words or eyebrow raises when they are running late and one is still talking with a friend or getting ready. They take time to buy flowers, write notes and spend quality time together. Kindness begets more kindness in their marriage, and we are learning in ours as well.

I (Trevor) can relate to Dad in those times where he would clean the kitchen for mom after one of her great meals. Beth loves having an empty sink and tidy counters when she goes to bed. This is a simple gesture of kindness I can do.

We try to ask ourselves before we speak or act – “Is this kind?” The answer is either yes or no.

Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you”.

Thank you, Trevor and Beth! We so appreciate your kind-heartedness towards your family but also towards others who are fortunate to cross your path.