4-Part Successful Marriage Checklist

4-Part Successful Marriage Checklist

Researchers are quick to tell us that every marriage’s success is influenced by a number of factors.  Here are 4 that apply to all engaged and married couples:

1. Mutual Expectations on a Variety of Issues: entering marriage agreeing what your marriage should look like.

  • individual roles in the marriage (Who takes out the garbage?)
  • common goals (4 kids or a condo?)
  • financial arrangements (Spend or save? Who balances the books?)

2. Working Through Deal-Breakers: there are some issues that are potential deal-breakers.

  • couples must agree on them, or risk destroying the relationship
  • sharing common values (What? You think marriage should be a sexually open arrangement!)
  • disclosure of past history (You have how many children from a past relationship?!)
  • sexual expectations (Really? Your mother told you sex isn’t important in marriage!)

3. Recognizing the Needs of Your Spouse, and Meeting Them: understanding the different sets of needs that most husbands and wives have.

  • a wife’s need for cherishing, meaningful communication, non-sexual touch, affirmation, security, adventure, etc
  • a husband’s need for air, food, sex (just kidding, they don’t need food that much…)

4. The Character Matrix: the possession of character qualities that make a marriage thrive.

  • willingness to self-sacrifice and put others first
  • the ability to forgive
  • humour
  • self-discipline

How does your relationship rate?

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